Fire Stopping Sheffield - Manahatta

Contractor: Abrahams & Carlisle

Flux Fire Protection are proud to have worked with Abrahams & Carlisle, providing passive fire protection services to Manahatta’s new Sheffield chain opening on February 11th 2023.

“Manahatta already operates two successful bars in Leeds and Birmingham and is now expanding to open up new sites in the Steel City, Newcastle and Nottingham in 2023. Following a £2 million restoration of a currently derelict two storey unit, the venue will open right next to the City Hall on Fountains Precinct on Saturday, February 11”. – The Star.

Fire stopping services:

  • Fire & smoke seals to all service penetrations through fire compartmentation walls, ceilings and floors
  • Installation of putty pads into sockets and electrical outlets to ensure a compliant fire rated seal
  • Head of wall seals with fire rated batt & mastic to ensure a compliant fire compartmentation

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Fire stopping Sheffield
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