Compliant service penetration sealed with passive fire protection services

Internal Firestopping Installers

Compartmentation is a vital component of any buildings fire strategy, forming barriers of resistance in the construction to prevent the spread of flame and smoke both vertically and horizontally. Penetrations through areas such as wall, floor and service riser barriers cause areas of weakness and risk to this strategy. With the help of our competent, highly trained, and independently accredited team of installers, Flux will work in accordance with your requirements to offer the highest levels of safety to the buildings occupants and achieve compliance for the development.

Our extensive range of products will also protect the structural elements of the building to keep the integrity of the load bearing structure in the event of a fire.

Installations logged before and after with photographic record

Each installation is logged before and after installation for full transparency of workmanship.

Each installation provided with a unique reference number

Easily trace information of each installation after completion with their unique reference number.

Operative, date of installation and materials used recorded

Permanent records of the materials used, date of installation and operative who completed the works for full quality assurance.

Permanent record of data provided to the client

Digital records provided of all works completed for peace of mind and confidence your property is fully compliant.

We provide passive fire protection services across a range of industry sectors, from commercial to residential.

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Some of the typical products & services we offer:

Flux Fire Protection are third-party certified by the International Fire Consultants for their passive fire
protection installations.

Contact Flux Fire Protection to enquire about our passive fire protection services and how we can help safeguard your property.

IFC accreditation

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