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Internal Firestopping Installers Halifax

Protecting your building from fire risk is one of the top priorities of any building construction companies or existing building occupiers. As industry leading contractors in passive fire protection in Halifax, Flux Fire is dedicated to carrying out initial fire assessments in order to evaluate the compartmentation that’s currently present in your building and therefore the fire risk. We work on a wide scale with both live construction projects and existing properties.

Clients have access to our online portals where live feed drawings will display the initial fire compartmentation survey that we carry out so progress can be tracked from the very beginning. In order to achieve this we have invested in the industry leading Bolster Systems. Once the project is underway, we can then begin to draw up bespoke fire protection systems in order to suit the requirements of each individual project. At this point we will be able to provide an accurate, free quotation, taking into account your specific, individual needs.

Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Flux Fire Protection complete comprehensive fire compartmentation surveys in Halifax to highlight all breaches and potential hazards in your property's compartmentation.

Internal Firestopping

Penetration seals, head of wall & linear gap seals.

Fire curtain Installation

Installing fire rated fire curtains & cavity barriers in Halifax such as FIREFLY fire barriers to large void openings.

Drylining & Fire-rated Beam Encasement

Installing specialist fire-rated boards to improve the fire safety of your project.

Intumescent Paint Contractors

Applying intumescent paint to structural steel to increase fire protection in Halifax. We offer a range of products and applications to suit the needs of your project.

Fire Door Inspection & Remedial Work

We complete fire door inspections and remedial works across a range of industry sectors

We provide passive fire protection services in Halifax across a range of industry sectors, from commercial to residential.

Contact Flux Fire Protection to enquire about our firestopping services in Halifax and how we can help safeguard your property.

Firestopping Halifax

Should you decide to proceed with the quote we will supply before and after photos as the live feed drawings are updated on each seal installed in the works, plus integrated O&M manuals for each seal which will detail product test data, installation instructions and so on. These then go on to become our as-built drawings at the practical completion of the works. We will keep you updated through every stage of these works. Utilising our in-house team of highly trained and experienced managers and operatives, we provide a premium service to ensure that the safety of your building will be maintained in all events of a fire.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with a bespoke quotation or just a general chat about our fire stopping services in Halifax.

Flux Fire Protection are third-party certified by the International Fire Consultants for their passive fire
protection installations.

Contact Flux Fire Protection to enquire about our passive fire protection services and how we can help safeguard your property.

IFC accreditation

Fire Risk Assessments Halifax

With experienced and qualified assessors, Flux Fire Protection are ideally situated to be your first choice when it comes to fire risk assessments in Halifax. A fire risk assessment is a process of identifying potential fire hazards in a building or area, evaluating the likelihood of a fire occurring, and determining the measures necessary to prevent or mitigate the risk of a fire. The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to ensure that appropriate fire safety measures are in place to protect people, property, and the environment.

Following your fire risk assessment, you will be provided with a bespoke report outlining all of the findings from the assessment and any necessary actions required to bring your building to a compliant standard. 

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Fire Compartmentation Surveys Halifax

Onetrace Hero ImageIf your property has recently had a fire risk assessment carried out, one of the necessary actions may be to obtain a fire compartmentation survey. The primary purpose of a fire compartmentation survey is to evaluate a building’s fire safety measures and ensure that any fire that breaks out can be contained in the area where it originated, preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building.

The survey involves a visual inspection of the building’s fire-resistant barriers, including an assessment of the building’s fire stopping measures, such as seals around pipes and cables that pass through walls or floors.

The survey can identify areas where the building’s fire safety measures are not sufficient or have been compromised due to damage, modifications, or other factors. This information can then be used to develop a plan to address any issues and improve the building’s overall fire safety.

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