Passive Fire Protection Liverpool

Serving Liverpool and surrounding areas, Flux Fire Protection are a specialist passive fire protection contractors in the installation of passive fire protection, acoustic and air insulation systems to ensure that construction projects meet all their fire compartmentation requirements as per the designed fire strategy, ensuring compliance with all current Building Regulations.

Building on years of close relationships with the industries leading recognised suppliers, we can offer to our clients in Liverpool a range of passive fire protection systems available on the market to ensure that your property, whether that be a live construction site or an existing property under maintenance, achieves fire compartmentation and compliance.

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Fire stopping Liverpool services:

Firestopping Liverpool

Committed to offering a first class service, we have invested in the purchase and implementation of industry leading quality assurance software Bolster Systems. This allows us to completely integrate our quality control procedures throughout our entire operat

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ion. Each of our projects are imported onto the Bolster system from the initial site surveys along with the fire compartmentation drawings for each floor. Once works have commenced on site each seal is geo-tagged on the drawings, provided an individual seal ID and labelled in situ. These individual unique reference numbers can be identified on the Bolster system which records pre-installation photos, post installation photos and records the seal fire integrity rating.

Appointing Flux Fire on your project, we provide our clients with access to their own unique online portal for their project that acts as a a one-stop location for all of your compliance requirements. The portal contains live as-built drawings, O&M manuals and fire test data for all our installed products, making Building Control sign off’s for the work a simple and easy process for everyone involved.

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Fire Risk Assessments Liverpool

With experienced and qualified assessors, Flux Fire Protection are ideally situated to be your first choice when it comes to fire risk assessments in Liverpool. A fire risk assessment is a process of identifying potential fire hazards in a building or area, evaluating the likelihood of a fire occurring, and determining the measures necessary to prevent or mitigate the risk of a fire. The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to ensure that appropriate fire safety measures are in place to protect people, property, and the environment.

Following your fire risk assessment, you will be provided with a bespoke report outlining all of the findings from the assessment and any necessary actions required to bring your building to a compliant standard. 

Fire compartmentation survey

Fire Compartmentation Surveys Liverpool

If your property has recently had a fire risk assessment carried out, one of the necessary actions may be to obtain a fire compartmentation survey. The primary purpose of a fire compartmentation survey is to evaluate a building’s fire safety measures and ensure that any fire that breaks out can be contained in the area where it originated, preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building.

The survey involves a visual inspection of the building’s fire-resistant barriers, including an assessment of the building’s fire stopping measures, such as seals around pipes and cables that pass through walls or floors.

The survey can identify areas where the building’s fire safety measures are not sufficient or have been compromised due to damage, modifications, or other factors. This information can then be used to develop a plan to ad

dress any issues and improve the building’s overall fire safety.

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Fire Cavity Barriers Liverpool

fire curtainAt Flux Fire Protection, we specialise in the installation of cavity fire barriers in Liverpool, providing an essential component of fire protection systems to keep your property safe from the threat of fire. Our experienced team of professionals uses only the highest quality products and advanced technology to ensure that your property is safeguarded against the risk of fire.

A cavity fire barrier or fire curtain is critical in preventing the spread of fire through concealed spaces in walls and floors. Our installation services use the latest products, such as FIREFLY fire barriers, which are designed to fit a variety of applications, including steel-framed walls, masonry walls, floors, and ceilings.

A bit about Liverpool city

Liverpool is a city in the northwest of England. It was founded by the Romans in 79 AD and became an important port town. The city has a rich history and was an important centre of the British Empire. Liverpool is also home to two Premier League football clubs: Liverpool and Everton. Today, Liverpool is a popular tourist destination and is known for its music scene and nightlife. The city’s landmarks include the Liver Building, Anfield Stadium, and the Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool is also home to the Beatles’ Museum, which pays tribute to the band that was formed in the city in 1960.