Compliance & Quality Assurance

Here at Flux Fire Protection, we place compliance and quality assurance at the core of our company values, working in the passive fire protection industry this is an inherent aspect of our operations and remains a daily process that we strive to constantly improve upon.  Accordingly, we have invested in industry leading software to manage this process.


At Flux Fire Protection we can be flexible to our clients needs when it comes to the choice of management program for compliance. We primarily manage this through two of the most reputable quality management programs in the fire protection industry, One Trace and  Bolster Systems. These Systems offer full transparency from the survey to installation process, right down to printing labels for each installed seal with a specially coded mobile printer. (That records each individual seal with its own ID tag which is traceable from survey to install).

These Systems allow us to incorporate the fire strategy drawings of the project with ongoing works digitally to record works on site. Dropped pins of installations on the live digital drawing have their own unique reference with a photographic record (before and after installation), with further supporting information recording operative who installed, materials used and date of installation. Each installation is labelled on site with a unique reference number that correlates back to all of the information on our platforms to provide a permanent record of data.

Onetrace Hero Image FILEminimizer

These systems allow full transparency of information and live data across the project, digitalising the process allowing client, contractor, and installer access to information any time online. This allows Flux Fire to minimise the physical paper trail and automate all our procedures to provide our clients with a comprehensive O&M file at handover or during the construction process.

The system not only provides evidence of fire-stop compliance when a building is completed, it also provides building owners with a system they can use to maintain and manage an inventory of the impact of maintenance works on post-occupancy fire-barrier integrity.

We can invite our clients onto our online portals so they have their own real time access to survey works and remedial works, giving all parties peace of mind that budgets are being utilised correctly.