Passive Fire Protection Derby

Protecting your building from fire risk is one of the top priorities of any building construction companies or existing building occupiers. As industry leading contractors in passive fire protection, Flux Fire is dedicated to carrying out initial fire assessments in order to evaluate the compartmentation that’s currently present in your building and therefore the fire risk. We work on a wide scale with both live construction projects and existing properties in and around Derby.

Once one of our comprehensive fire compartmentation surveys has been carried out, Flux Fire Protection can then go on to offer a bespoke passive fire protection solution. The individual nature of our quotes means that we can offer each client a solution specific to their needs and project, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach. If we come on board with the project in the early stages, this means that there will be value engineering solutions available. This will work to ensure that fire compartmentation standards are met in accordance with UK building regulations. It also means a commercially advantageous rate for all of our clients. We achieve this by proposing alternative products, methods of construction and sequencing options.

Fire stopping Derby Services:

  • Internal Fire Stopping - Penetration seals, cavity fire barriers, linear gap seals
  • Drylining and beam encasement: The use of specialist fire-rated boards to improve the fire safety of your project
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys: Conducting Fire Compartmentation Surveys in Derby to review current firestopping measures and highlight breaches in compartmentation requiring action.
  • Intumescent Coatings: Applying intumescent paint to structural steel to increase fire protection
  • Fire Door Surveys and Rectification

Fire stopping Derby

For your protection, our construction process is fully integrated, recorded and audited through all stages of the process, from the initial enquiry to the site surveys and all the way through to completion and handover, as advised by the UK building regulations. For further peace of mind, we are also supported with third party independent accreditation from the International Fire Consultants (IFC). To further enforce our commitment to full compliance and implementation of industry best practice techniques, we have invested in industry leading quality assurance software Bolster Systems.

This allows us to completely integrate our quality control procedures throughout our entire operation. Each of our projects are imported onto the Bolster system from the initial site surveys along with the fire compartmentation drawings for each floor. Once works have commenced on site each seal is geo-tagged on the drawings, provided an individual seal ID and labelled in situ. These individual unique reference numbers can be identified on the Bolster system which records pre-installation photos, post installation photos and records the seal fire integrity rating.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with a bespoke quotation or just a general chat about our fire stopping services in Derby.