Client Information:

Company Name: Kirklees Council

Location: Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Overview: As part of their commitment to ensuring a safe and competent care home refurbishment, Kirklees Council brought Flux Fire Protection on board their project to install Firefly Fire Cavity Barrier systems in the loft space. Additionally, they opted for the installation of a 60-minute fire rated service hatch to enhance accessibility and safety measures in case of an emergency. Flux Fire  Protection were also responsible for the overall fire stopping measures of the property including sealing to all service penetrations, head of wall voids and the like.

Client’s Objectives

  • Enhance fire safety measures within the property and loft space
  • Improve compartmentation and prevent the spread of fire.
  • Install a secure and compliant service hatch for convenient access to the loft space.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with fire safety standards.
service hatch 1
service hatch 2 1